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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sun in the sky...you know how i feel.

Beautiful welcoming warming spring is peeking out from behind the dark skies and saying 'hello'.  I'm already just too, too excited that it's bright outside at 5 o'clock when I'm pulling down the shutters at the library.  I'm also spotting the sunrise for the first time in ages since starting work bright and early.
Its quite a lovely time right now.  The daffs are coming up so beautifully, and i only wish i planted more last Autumn, its a bit disappointing that it was so snowy when i was wanting to get out to tuck up some tulips in the deep dark soil.
There is something so refreshing about Spring, i don't normally go head over heels the way i am now, not for this season anyway, but this year, this time is different.  We have a garden now, a place of our own to plant and dig and sit.  To make up the fire pit and sit with a hot drink and a blanket, to stare up at the sky and spot the twinkling stars.  To bring the dog out to see the sunrise over the church on the hill, to sip cups of tea and plan the day....yes, i think i like the garden, and i plan to spend an awful lot of time in it!

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Bonnie said...

There is no lovelier place to contemplate the day than in your very own garden.