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Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Caravan Love

I turn left...i turn right...and its caravans, caravans, caravans everywhere....Oh how i wish i had one too!!!
The CK mag, other lovely bloggers planning trips away for summer sunshine, packing up the bare minimum and heading to where the clouds deem fit to part over good old Blighty!
We've got a little jar in the living room which occasionally gets filled up with two pound coins and the Scottish one pound coins when either The Husband or myself check our pockets and purse.  Every so often a note may get dropped into it and excitement fills the house the closer we get to filling our jar. 
However, just as soon as the jar gets filled up another unexpected bill or something or other pops up and the jar gets emptied again.  Hopefully it wont be like the pixar film UP, we will one day be able to get what we want!!
We're going to continue attempting to fill it up, and we need to clear out the loft, so hopefully we can put some things up in ebay and have some money squirreled away in paypal which will make us less likely to 'break into it'!
Maybe by next Summer we can have an empty jar...but a caravan in the drive way.
Good luck with all the caravan posts!! I'm ever so ever jealous, but i promise i wont be bitter.


bellaboo said...

We have jar in our house like that too! It's too easy to just dip into it when you need some extra cash though,isn't it? Maybe you should open a 'caravan account', I hope you manage to squirrel way enough by next Summer, and achieve your dream. :0)

Elizabethd said...

Caravan account is a very good idea, and you might just make a tiny bit of interest on it...not that any account gives much interest now.

lemonade kitty said...

I'm sure one day your little jar will be full to the top to buy your caravan, in the meantime hold on to your dreams they always come true, Lucey x