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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Can we go back?

Can we go back please?  Can we go back to not living in the real world?  Can we go back to spending time together and not talking about boring grown up things?
Can i sit in the sun again?  In the warmth....with a book....can i go back to peeking up over it and just smiling? 
Can we have the whole place to ourselves again?  Can we get up early and run to pool knowing that we will never be able to sit in it once its ten in the morning? 
Can we go up to the market and stare out at everything?  Can we go back please? 
Can we sit by the harbour and look out over the sea? 
Can we go exploring again? 
See what we find again? 
Sit by the flowers again? 
Have an ice cream again!? 

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