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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Can't take me anywhere

One of the things i love about getting away is seeing the history of a place...
I am genuinely happiest touching rocks and stones and imagining who did it before me (umm, that is....apart from the other tourists). 
So when i go anywhere of course i seek out mosaic's, tombs, pillars and amphitheaters. 
I find quiet places and small streets.
Places to sit and pour over independent guide books. 
Oh, and buy lace...oh yes! 
lots of lace...
But i am happiest sitting under a tree next to St Pauls pillar, next to The Husband, watching everyone come and go.

1 comment:

Elizabethd said...

Was that Crete, by any chance?
I know what you mean about the little secret places, so much more personal than the tourist spots.