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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Every so often I make myself a big pot of tea and plan to write on here. I get half way through describing a place I have been or a book I have read and I stop only to delete the paragraph, get up and start washing the dishes.

I do however spend time reading other blogs, which say, do and make many things I wish I could.

The Husband and I recently returned from a lovely two week holiday in Cyprus, and I guess very much like a New Year makes us say we will act differently, and I feel a break does the same.

This leads me to the point of why I wish to write on here now, and not get up half way through. I wish to say that I haven’t fulfilled many of my New Years Resolutions, and getting into my favourite season is going to spur me on to do what I actually want to do with my own free time.

My New Seasons resolutions are to use up the flexi days that I am entitled to through work. I am very lucky to be given an opportunity which not a great many have, so I will use it…and do you know that in my head they are already spent? I plan to potter, and potter a great deal. I plan to use up weekday holidays moving plant pots from one room to the other. I plan to use them by completing a great book in a day. I plan to drink plenty of tea.

Another resolution would include spending more quality time with The Husband, who falls into a category marked ‘other’ at present. We sit together when there is not another task to do, we walk together when there are not other people wanting our time and we collapse together when we are tired from the activities of the day.

I look forward to bringing these resolutions into the Autumn, and I also look forward to actually blogging in the season too.

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