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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Soon to be Makes and a CK Fan!

When a new shop opens it always nice to go in and have a little look around, but when the new shop that opens is a Cath Kidston shop it really is quite a different thing for a girl like me.

I love the vintage, the floral and the pastel coloured look. I love the table linen, and pretty dresses. I love almost everything in that shop-and given half a chance (and lots of pennies) I’d carry bundles home with me after every visit.

When the new Autumn magazine dropped through the front door, I did what any normal girl would do. I made a big pot of tea and found a thick marker to circle things with. When I spotted that they are running sessions on making your own lampshade I lamented over the fact that these things never come this far North-oh but look, what joy! They do travel to Aberdeen! They travel all the way up to my local store! So with that information I marked in my big pink diary that I was to phone at 9am sharp to retain some tickets.

True to my word I was ringing at ten to, five to, on the hour…annoying the poor operator on the other end of the line….until….I got the tickets!

On the 19th I’ll be standing there with my besty Holly and with all the skill I can muster I will form my own lampshade only to carry home that little prized possession to show The Husband. Like a small child I will stand in the middle of the room-holding aloft my newest creation….oh and we get 15% discount on the night too (but those bags will be sneaked into the house).


lemonade kitty said...

I'm sure that will be a great evening. Although I'm on their mailing list they've stopped sending me their catologue the last few times, I was in the shop last week and the girl said they now only do the small catologue and it was free,I was gutted as I looked forward to receiving it and there was always lots to read in it, is yours a small one or the same size as usual please?Lucey x

Sheila said...

Its just the normal one that was in the store. I got the small Autumn one, but this was a proper mag format.