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Friday, 14 September 2012

A Book to Inspire

Have you read The Book of Idle Pleasures? It is one of my favourites at the moment. I first read it about a year and a half ago and it was exactly my kind of read. I first read it when The Husband and I were in Edinburgh in early Spring. I’d been going through a tough time at work and was loosing my way and my priorities. We had an amazing time in Edinburgh and I spent a lot of time walking around with Daisy Dog and thinking about this book. It is full of short pages on ways to spend free time-or more importantly things that don’t cost very much and should be put into every day-to make each day better.

This book is certainly a ‘getting into the cosy seasons’ book and certainly makes me want to take a couple of days off to get into the garden and potter.

Anyone who has even spent 5 minutes on this blog will know I’m a cosy season’s sort of girl. And when the calendar rolled onto Saturday the first of September-certainly autumn in my opinion-The Husband and I decided to have the laziest of lazy days.

Pottering should be held with more regard, it should be thought of not as a bad thing, but a very, very good one. We were clearing up the back bedroom making it a calm and beautiful room again, letting the wonderful amber autumn light pour in through the windows. We plumped cushions, and picked up bits of treats Daisy Dog had long since discarded. We did what we wanted and what came naturally. It was a good day.


Tammy said...

That is definitely my favorite kind of day. Pottering and puttering. Something my husband has difficulty with as he always likes to go, go, go. That book sounds like something I would definitely enjoy. Have a wonderfully relaxing day. Tammy

Kath said...

hello Sheila, thankyou for commenting on the little mouse story!
I enjoyed visiting you, seeing your photos and meeting Daisy, who is adorable.
I have signed up so I don't forget to pop back regularly!