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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Auction Time

TH and I have been in and about auctions quite a lot recently. We have needed some ‘new’ furniture and it seemed a good place to start. We are both quite enthusiastic, but TH is much better than me and keeps me calm when I want to wave our number in the air!

I’ve been looking at a lot of Narnia wardrobes-which I inevitably wish to climb in to. It doesn’t help that there was an old fur coat next to one of them.

There are great big Victorian desks with faded green or red panels. I can picture Ebenezer Scrooge sitting at them by a meagre fire.
There are tall bookcases I can picture in the living room, paintings I can imagine in the hall and a whole host of other things.

However, the most interesting thing that I saw at the auction wasn’t a thing at all. The most interesting and beautiful thing that I saw was a little butterfly which must have got stuck in amongst the objects. When everyone else was bidding and discussing purchases I was chasing my butterfly and carrying it outside cautiously. They may have even thought that I was a very obvious thief the way I brazenly walked out while hiding something in my cupped hands!
Unfortunately we didn’t bid high enough to secure the couple of things we were seriously looking at, however we may find that those prices were the going rate and we will turn up with bigger pockets in future. In the meantime we love rummaging around and we may become much cooler with our bidding!


Bonnie said...

How wonderfully aware you were to have spotted a butterfly in need of help. Oh I have been rummaging around antique stores and stalls today in search of a few pieces. I didn't have much luck either. Maybe we will both have better luck in the future.

bellaboo said...

I hope you have better luck at the auction next time.Love the butterfly story! :0)