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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Now thats what i call busy

The long bright days that gleam and shimmer in the low sunshine has left us and we are surrounded by thick increasingly puncturing rainclouds. The baby blue sky is no more, but it is autumn now and we must expect as much.

I wish that I were preserving fruit, however I am doing no such thing. Nonetheless there are plans afoot and we must all learn to choose our battles. I am cultivating ideas if not the garden and making lists and lists for things to be done.

Autumn is the beginning. The beginning of school term, the beginning of a real change in the ground and the trees, it is the start of something new, and that is always exciting. Autumn is the start of the year for me. It is full of good things, of harvests and harvest festival, of spending more time contemplating inside, in the warmth. This is a time of nesting and resting.

The Husband and I may be moving in the New Year, however we are attempting to stay calm and not get carried away and let our hearts break if this wisp of an idea does not turn into something solid and stable.

So for now it is pottering, wondering and marching through the deep, thick mud which will keep me employed.  I love seeing what everyone is up to and can see out of their windows at this time of year.  I also love that even the bloggers that hardly blog-i.e. me, actually do find time in this climate to get the old computer machine chugging into action to see the old blog every now and again!

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