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Thursday, 1 November 2012

November is…

November is for hot pots and slow cookers, it is for roasts after long walks and good warm filling soups. November is for looking out of the window and seeing harsh frost and rain.
November is for Remembrance Day, Guy Fawkes Night, and when I will stir up the Christmas cake. For me it is also when the girls in the family are heading to Edinburgh for some Christmas shopping.
November is for wearing two coats and scarves, big hats and boots for stomping around the countryside to tire the dog and stay warm. It is for jumpers. Jumpers of cable knit and snug soft materials. It is for finding sparkle for parties. Glittering and sequined garments which will shimmer and dazzle in the fairy lights.
November is for being surrounded by books, cushions and mugs of hot cocoa.

 It is for visits to the library and books bags overflowing with recently requested items full of ideas for Christmas bakes and makes.

November is for throws and eiderdowns, porridge for breakfast and travel mugs for the long journey to work. 

November is for long nights spent watching period dramas, for playing scrabble and finding Christmas movies at the weekend with warm fresh popcorn.  November is for squirreling away presents and hiding them in a new location each and every weekend.


Blueberry Heart said...

summed up November perfectly!
BH x

Kath said...

Yep, I used my slo cooker today to make the Mr a beef stew. It hardly sees the inside of the cupboard once November comes around.
Enjoy all the lovely things in your post.

c. Joy said...

Yes! Great post. Now if only the temperature would drop here in Texas - 88 yesterday tied an old record for the high temp. Sigh. A frost would be wonderful. Thanks for reminding me of lovely, cold weather. Happy November.