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Thursday, 8 November 2012

We are Moving

We have had an awful lot of going back and forth, but we have finally decided that we are going to move house. I am someone who is totally averse to change and as we don’t hate the place we’re in, that’s a good enough reason for me to want to stay. We have, however, been given an amazing opportunity and the chance to live in an area that I’ve been in love with since I found it.
There is going to be a little bit more stress attached to this move, as we only have the month of November to sort out two houses. The new one needs the walls to be plastered and skimmed throughout, sanded down and painted, there needs to be carpets put on floors and other floors buffed and polished. There are various cupboards that need fixing and an awful lot of tidying. The old house-where we live now-needs to be put back the way we found it which isn’t really a lot, but its an awful lot that needs packed up.


TH has holidays to use up and so will use plenty of those to get everything in order. I have half a day to last me until the end of the year and so will not be following suit.

I can’t wait to get my laptop sorted and share some pictures with you. Its been broken for so long its really annoying as I have so many already, but time marches on and they become less relevant all the time!

Anyway-lots of change and impending stress soon….hope things are brighter where you are!


Elizabethd said...

My goodness! You are going to be very busy. I hope it all goes well.

Jane and Chris said...

All the titivating can come later,as long as you have somewhere to eat sleep and shower,the rest needn't be worried about just yet.
Jane x

Kath said...

Sheila, you have my sympathy :-D
we have spent our whole married lives on a building site, or so it seems.
But it all sounds very exciting, I hope you have some help with the packing, it can be very tiring.