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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

When to save and when to splurge

Eeek, I haven’t fallen off the savings wagon, but it sure has taken a hit. I needed some more foundation, which is very important to me and bought my normal stuff. It’s a bit more expensive, but it works for my skin, lasts for ages-meaning it probably only costs 3p a day. However, instead of being organised and checking out the costs online compared with any deals I could get on the high street I left it too late and had to rush out in my lunch hour. After getting my makeover (you know the one where you leave thinking your best friends with the consultant), I bought a larger amount than needed and a couple of extra bits like primer and bronzer as well.

I am thoroughly disappointed with myself and will obviously have to take this spendy lunch out of next month’s allowance. This is something I take out of the bank and put into my purse so that I don’t keep putting things on the card.
One way we have been good is by getting our broadband package changed. TH needs this for his work, so it really is something we can’t cut out on, so we had better get the best deal we can on it. I found a site called broadbandmart.co.uk which I’ve been using to compare deals. I’m much better at sorting out information this way as I sometimes think when you phone they go out of their way to bamboozle you! I always put TH on the phone and he normally sorts out any problems-so my contribution to this is looking up the site to find out what I can get cheaper or free to begin with. We’ve used sites like this in the past to compare deals that new customers would get compared to us as loyal ones in case we like the look of something better. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and if you sound like you know that you’re talking about it can’t be a bad thing.

I think that seeing as we do need bt total broadband we might as well get the best price! We used the site to see that the ‘good deal’ we thought we were on wasn’t actually as good as it could be and we’ve already got 2 months free as a result. That was down to our complaining and not actually the site, but still-if I can get information to get a better deal I’m going to take the opportunity! I also took the opportunity to use a link which shows what broadband deals you get in your area, unfortunately we are just that little bit too rural to switch provider, but at least I wasn’t lethargic about finding a cheaper broadband deal.

I could have done so much better today and not splurged, but I do feel a bit proud over our saving of £178 a year! I mean, would you walk past that on the street? That’s going straight into the saving jar….and the make up? It’ll be used ever so sparingly for the next year.

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Elizabethd said...

Do you buy from Boots? Use a loyalty card and it soon mounts up. I have just had a £26 jar of night cream free!