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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A bit of a catch up

Hello, Hello, I’ve been a bit dormant for a while in blog-land, but up to an awful lot in real life. Firstly, how awesome is it that the sun is actually shining?! It is brilliant to have the ability to hang out washing when I leave in the morning and come back when the working day is through and not curse myself all day long through rain clouds.

The sunshine has pushed me outside, but I have also been trying to stay very busy as TH is away with work again, and I can be kept sane by making myself go out for walks or do a thorough clean. It’s great that I can leave the windows wide open again, not something I’ve been able to do in this house.

We’ve actually been up to all sorts recently with our two Birthdays (well three if you count Daisy Dog) and all of the planning and organisation that takes. A lot of the Birthday prep happened before we started to save so we both got each other a bit too much. Always nice, but we know the true cost of the ‘stuff’ now.

For my Birthday I got Jessie J tickets from www.bigticketshop.co.uk/jessie-j-tickets.htm I had been really wanting to go to see her as I think she’s great, and seeing as this was bought a while before the Birthday TH and I will act like they are free. The Nephew informed us of the site as you can figure out the best value ticket as with so many of these sites they rip you off royally and you have to pay quite a big fee for the pleasure! I think he is quite ashamed I like someone so cool, but we’re in good seats so we shouldn’t see him. Well, I’m sure if he sees us he won’t let on anyway. The site is quite good so I am going to go on there again when looking for comedy shows. I was really cross I missed out on a couple before, so will definitely have to be more organised in future.

Seeing as we are country side people now and it takes a while to get into town so it is a bit of an ‘event’ to go out to these things. Also as we would have to go to Glasgow normally for these things we’d have to stay over, and then have a wee look around the place….one night out quickly turns into something quite expensive. If you are ever in the same predicament as us then you can appreciate that going to gigs or shows isn’t something you can do all of the time.

Apart from the Birthdays we’ve been trying to get the garden under control. We’d hoped that for TH’s Birthday we could be out in the garden, but the weather was so awful, by the time it got nicer the sunshine woke all of the weeds up and they are sneaking through every crack in the ground.

We’re also hoping that we can start squirreling away lots of wood while the weather is nicer which we can whip out in Autumn instead of paying out every month. The wood pile in slowly getting bigger, but seeing as its soft wood we do go through it really quickly. However any night that we can get a free fire will be a bonus.

I think that’s me caught up a little bit now. Hopefully I can get some pictures of Daisy with her Birthday cake up, have a good day.

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