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Monday, 29 July 2013

Looking for Jobs for the move ahead

The move to Singapore has The Husband and myself planning what we need to arrange and sort out before we get there. Because of TH’s job I will get a full visa and will be allowed to find work, however how easy it will be is another thing. Singapore is so full of people at the top of their game that it’s going to be quite hard to get something, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try. Any money that I am able to make will still go into a pot for when we come home so that we can buy our own home.

I was lined up to do some training with work, but because of this move everything im involved with will be winding down and work will be slowly taken from me. I look forward to being able to help with the training of somebody else and can’t wait to get into that role in the coming months. I was looking forward to all of the training that was lined up for myself. I had been accepted to a university course which would have been a great asset for my CV and would have been free as an employee. I was also lined up for some Project Management training which would have been great, but as it is I would have to pay for it, and I really don’t want to even start something I can’t finish right now.

What I have been looking at is getting other sorts of training under my belt so that when I look for a job abroad I will be able to get something half decent. I’ve been looking at lots of courses which I hope will help to set me apart-even if it is just to prove that I can do things off my own back.  Train the trainer training courses are for those who want to get into training others in organisations, so I hope that I can build on the times I tutored with computer training through the library. They do all sorts of courses and this will hopefully build on my skill set to make me look like a good future employee! The courses are mostly under £500 so are something that I am more easily able to get involved with and I seriously look forward to getting my teeth into something new. They do all sorts of things but right now I am looking at getting into something to do with education as we know people out there that run their own school. I hope that this does make me look a better candidate as I think it will be easier to meet new people if I have a job too.

This is such an exciting time and I am really trying to focus on all of the positives as I can be really averse to change so part of my looking at these courses is something to do with preparing myself for the move…. All we need to do now is pack up all of our worldly possessions, sort out all direct debits and bills, sell the car and excess furniture etc…. Hmm, not much then!

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