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Friday, 26 July 2013

Sorted for Leaving

Sky has always been my go to TV package as it was the one I grew up with when I was little, but when trying to get my Mum the best deal I was keen to look about for a really good package. The point of these packages is to bundle together two or more services in order to make things more convenient and cheaper. This means that Mum would only have to pay one monthly bill rather than several and deal with only one company. With us moving away I was really keen to get my Mums broadband sorted so looked at some of the sky broadband offers available.

While looking up deals I noticed that you can either go for pre-made bundles that are aimed at people who are interested in different things, whether that’s sports, broadband, talking or watching films, or create your own so it’s tailored exactly to what they want from a multi-service bundle. Obviously, the more that is included, the more expensive the bundle will be and when trying to sort this out I found that my Mum is into the widest range of shows possible!

We are getting closer to the mark and with 15 weeks before we go we do have a bit of time. The list of things we have to get sorted ourselves is a bit scary, but I keep telling myself it will be worth it!

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