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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Time to Hibernate!

I am beyond excited that we are now into proper Autumn viewing and all for the lovely adverts for all of the best shows are starting again.
I know the Bake Off can put me in a great mood!  It is most certainly time to start moving back indoors and getting cosy as it gets darker earlier each evening. 


Pene said...

Oh winter viewing is great and I LOVE the great british bake off. In fact so much that I watch it with the other half but also record it so that I can watch it in peace later lol. Hope everything is going smoothly with the move to Singapore, but what about Daisy are you taking her with you?

Sheila said...

Yes Daisy is coming with us. We will just have to get her cut quite short and the house (we're really lucky that we are getting a place with a garden) will have air con on all the time for her. I've already looked up lots of 'day care' places for her and i've seen an advert for a little dog cafe! She can't wait to be a puppy of leisure over there!x

gilly said...

Loving the GBBO too - and can't wait for the new series of Downton Abbey!