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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Seaside Walks


Portsoy, Aberdeenshire

North Aberdeenshire Coast
Gardenstown Harbour, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

My friend has recently bought a house on the north coast of Aberdeenshire.  It is a very old fishermans cottage that looks absolutely picture perfect.
Crovie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
It needs quite a bit of work but she is willing, able and very ready to make this beautiful building her home.  It has a little courtyard with an overgrown garden-however this gives her the chance to pick out all of the best flowers and shrubs, and get rid of the rest.
The windows look out onto the sea and you can open the windows wide to feel the sea air flowing through the house.
Pennan, Aberdeenshire
The coast of Aberdeenshire is gorgeous and I've already had quite a few trips up north to visit her and see all of the work she has already done.  Some of the things are getting done by builders or the kitchen is getting put in by a very skilled group of people, but quite a lot is being done little and often by friends and family and helpers who pop in to visit.
I love the scent of the sea and she is so very close to it.
We walk past the harbour and out to see the fishing boats, and take drives to other villages.  We walk along beaches and the dogs run until they decide they will come to us to get water.
This is how we spend our weekends, i wonder what it will be like next year?
Crovie Aberdeenshire Scotland #scotland

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Maria said...

Picture post card beautiful shots, Sheila.....A beautiful summer and certainly one to remember....Thank you for your kind words over on mine...It was so lovely of you to visit me....Hugs and summer kisses **** Maria x