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Sunday, 1 September 2013


Oh my goodness, can you believe it’s September already? What is happening this year? We’ve had an amazing Summery Summer (which, quite frankly, we could have had last year!) and now without me even noticing we’ve pounced right into September and Autumn. If I had a garden to be taking care of I may have been more aware of these things. Perhaps if I were looking at all of the clothes and décor catalogues I may have had a heads up. But alas twas not to be and I’m left playing catch up.

Despite all of this September is still one of my favourite months. When it gets a bit colder outside and the sky gets bluer I am happy. The air is crisp and if you are up early enough you can catch some frost. This is my favourite time of year. There is a paragraph from The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill where she describes her lifelong love of autumn and I agree whole heartedly. I implore you to read this book, it really is one of my all-time favourites.
September is fabulous because it is the start of the time when all of the meals prepared at home start to change. For breakfast I love to change to porridge instead of yogurt. As we’re having a pretty great Indian Summer this year I may move slowly into this and make some compote or have muesli with my breakfast. When lunch rolls round I normally just have soup and some homemade rolls if it’s the weekend. Tea time is the best though. It is normally something that has spent the whole day in the slow cooker making it like a true nursery meal and exceptionally comforting, or something that reminds you of childhood. I love toad in the whole or bangers and mash with proper butchers sausages. Toad in the hole reminds me of Danny Champion of the World and so really does help you feel cosy from the inside out.
Normally in autumn there are beef and ale pies or lots of mince. Chicken is normally for Sunday dinners and pulled pork sandwiches are what Saturday nights were made for. The most humble of all dinners is sometimes the best and that is a baked potato. I love them with a hint of bacon and sour cream with lots of cheese, though TH loving lots of protein as he does normally wants an egg in his. Not the healthiest of dinners but a real treat. If we have this it will be on a Monday as I wouldn’t ever put the oven on for just one thing. No, these need to be organised around the time the oven goes on for the roast at Sunday lunch time!
I’m already keeping my eye on some brambles in the area so as soon as they turn I will be ready for them. Everything in Autumn tastes strangely of brambles, apples, cinnamon and nutmeg when you come to my house. I never really eat much game although The Husband loves it and I know it’s autumn when I see new advertisements at the butchers stating that the more seasonal meats can be ordered in.

I feel that when I look back at last year’s posts they were about moving and now we’re in the same position again this year. Oh well, we’re always up for a new adventure!!

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