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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Where we are

Ooops sorry I have been so absent from blogland lately. We’ve been a wee bit busy what with the move, planning the move, oh yeah and organising for the move. We’ve also been selling stuff, organising some really odd dinners with people (where we serve odd concoctions full of all the store cupboard items we can lay our hands on), and all the regular stuff as well. We’ve been super busy as we have lots of medical appointments as we are going to the fertility clinic. We have been hoping for a little one for quite a few years now and we were recently allowed to go speak to some of the best fertility doctors around. The NHS centre we have to go to also does private work and is world renowned so we are thanking our lucky stars we have been given this chance. We’ve had all of the tests and we are very close to starting treatments.

I’ve been really naughty though and not lost all of the weight I was tasked with so although we’ve got an appointment on Friday I don’t really think we’ll be getting help at the moment. That’s ok as they have dieticians and all sorts of people who can help if we need them too. More importantly is this amazing target we now have! We also know that when we move we’ll also be able to get any medical services we were receiving in the UK-which is a major boost! I’m still a bit cross with myself for being so silly. I guess whilst I was eating those slices of cake I didn’t really weigh up what it was worth, but least said better mended and all that!

We’ve been told that our Friday appointment will be our last one before treatment starts and it will be to discuss ‘What Having A Baby Means To Us’…hmmmmmmm a bit of an odd one really. I’m not sure what they really would want people to say. I know what I feel and I know what I would like to say, but it is all very ME or US centred. I want to care for/I want to give to/I want to share with…I keep second guessing myself thinking I should say something better.

Oh well, time will tell…just a wee update on what we’re up to! I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious Autumn!


gilly said...

Just say what's on your heart. Will be thinking of you,
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

I know waiting for a child can be the most stressful time; I've been there. I thought I'd just add that even if a natural child is not possible it's not the end of the world. I know this might be an odd thing to say, when my husband and I were at this stage someone ahead of me said it and I was annoyed and discarded it. However, in case your journey is similar to mine it's good to hear and remember if you end up hear unwanted news.
There are children there, precious children, looking for wonderful parents. That's where my husband and I ended up and now we wouldn't have it any other way.
In the meantime I'm praying for you, God bless.