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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Man Drawer

With The Husband away at the moment I’ve taken the opportunity to pull everything out and start to get it organised. We have three bedrooms, a study, a dining room, living room and a kitchen as well as the two bathrooms in our house. When we moved from our sea side cottage it was deepest mid-winter and the heating was broken. We had very little time to pack up and make the new house habitable so we threw all of the things that weren’t immediately needed into one of the bedrooms and closed the door…fast forward ten or so months and we are now in a predicament.
Last night I started to pull boxes out of this room and can now see part of the floor in it. A lot of the things pulled out went into other rooms like shoes that I thought had been lost or the bag full of tubes of toothpaste (why did I do this?). I’ve filled a wheelie bin full of rubbish as well as boxes I’ve put into the garage for TH to take to the skip. I’ve also made up a box of electrical wires and switches that TH can sort out for himself, as he has several MAN DRAWERS full of rubbish!

Two different moving companies are coming on Friday to give quotes so we want them to be able to see everything and I also want to ensure that everything is in its right place before they start to put things in boxes. I have a fear that something’s going to be kept in storage in the UK when I really need it in Singapore, but all I can do is plan.

I’d love to say that I was sitting and reading or hanging out in the last rays of sunshine. I have been having long walks with Daisy Dog, but that’s only so I can attempt to get healthier before I head off into all that heat. I hope your September is more relaxed!


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Pene said...

You made me laugh I bought G one of those man tins for christmas not that it's helped, he still has a man drawer in the kitchen, one in the hall, the whole understairs cupboard and don't get me started on the garage! Why they have to keep every power cable/ charger for every single appliance, tool, mobile phone etc they've ever owned is beyond me. Lol xx