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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Feeling ever so poorly

The whole country seems to be beside themselves with excitement caused by all of the lovely snow.... I am however snuggled up in bed on the most awful of days.

It is ever so rainy, and blustery, so Daisy and I are wrapped under two duvets and settled upon a mountain of soft pillows!!! Mark has been feeling terrible, as I'm ill and there doesn't seem to be a thing he can do. The poor thing has been hurrying around with bowls of soup, and little slices of some cake I made before the weekend, and the start of this dreadful cold.

I have to admit, I have quite liked that we've been curled up while the wind is howling outside, but I do wish Mark wouldn't worry! I was up all night long, the night before last, and my other half didn't get five minutes sleep. I think that his boss understands though, as Mark popped home in between meetings with some chocolate buttons his boss got for me!!! I knew those cupcakes I made for everyone in the office would be a good idea.

However, while my own, ever-so-handsome, nurse has been out at his nine to five, I did get quite a lot of sleep and even managed to squeeze in two of my favourite films. Mark put them beside the television for me, so I wouldn't even have to venture as far as the living room for the DVD’s. So the afternoon was spent with Mary Poppins and my friends from The Holiday. Oooh I do love that film, and would simply love to have a home like Iris. It is so extremely beautiful.

I have been feeling so awful about being home and not doing anything, so I made an extra yummy roast chicken dinner for Mark coming home. I also think it set me up for feeling better, as I adore the smell of the roast from my kitchen. I don't think there is anything better.

Anyway, for now I think I will return to a good book, perhaps that copy of Pride and Prejudice we found in the second hand book shop in Oban......then I can dream lovely dreams with Mark as a kind Mr Bingley looking after the eldest Miss Bennet.

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