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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Luing adventures and too little time

 Oh dear, it seems as if Mark and I only just set off to the Isle of Luing to visit one of our dearest friends. Now we are back in Aberdeen and our home seems so quiet and empty. I feel as if my heart will break i am so far from Catherine and her lovely family. When we were in Luing there was so much to do, we had to feed the chickens each day, and make visits all over the Isle, now i'm at home and i feel as if i still need to be baking enough to feed a small army.  It was an amazing time and one of deep thought.  Our family really don't have a lot of time to ourselves to really just sit and think in the wide open.  It was great to go somewhere to quiet and still and have this time to ourselves.  It was an extra advantage that we did it at the start of a new year where we could promise ourselves we would continue to take that time for ourselves.

Catherine invited us over to the beautiful Isle of Luing, and after Christmas time and how busy we have been for the latter half of 2008 it seemed like the perfect idea. Our wedding photographs haven't arrived yet, so as Catherine was one of the most dutiful bridesmaids i could ever be lucky enough to have, she had plenty of beautiful pictures to keep me delighted and fill all of the gorgeous frames that were given as wedding presents. I have to say that i am always excited when Catherine takes a trip to Aberdeen, as i can get baking and bring out my lovely tea sets which stay hidden away all too often.
Our scrummy cake....and all of the trimmings.

 Our friends stay in the most beautiful home, as you can see, and we're hoping to get lots of trips to see them as Summer draws nearer. That way i can help Catherine settle in more, as although it will have been a year that they've stayed there. as a busy Mother, there never seems to be any end to some jobs! Mark and I took delight in making a meal for Catherine and her family. We started off with some potatoe skins, filled with lots of naughty cheese and ham, then we had some of Marks delicious lasagna, and then our cake for pudding.

Daisy had so much fun exploring the Island, she has never been able to run about so much in her life. She was terrible on a number of occasions and came running back to me covered in mud! It was lovely to be able to let her off and see her explore all around.

While in Luing Catherine and I got baking while the boys went out and looked after the farm. These are some of the cows that Mark was feeding each morning. Poor Mark isn't so used to all the work he did, but it has made him ever so healthy, and i guess will be a wonderful way to keep up all of those New Year promises. I do love Mary Poppins title for those kinds of promise- Pie Crust Promises, easily made, easily broken!
The Island is so amazing, its a completely different way of living. I wish i did more walking around as there was so much to see.

The Husband and I did have some time to ourselves. We looked about in an old slate quarry and visited Oban a couple of times. I love all of the second hand shops there as i love some of the books you can find, and they do seem to have many more independent shops which i just adore. We don't seem to have as many of those in Aberdeen. Mark bought me lots of old books about housekeeping which i love. They are by Elizabeth Craig, who i think must have been the Martha Stewart of her day! He also bought be the most beautiful set for doing my nails. Its pink and floral-he knows how to please a girl!
Catherine has promised to visit us soon, which i am excited about, and until then i think i will just have to run up a rather large phone bill

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