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Monday, 13 February 2012

The Weekend Part 2

The last couple of weekends have been utterly perfect. The first few in January were full of trips and brekkers in the little town. We visited friends and were visited. Guests came and were entertained, big, family dishes were cooked and cakes baked. February started as more of the same and then this last weekend was utter perfection. The Valentines Escape with TH was so lovely, so magical and so different from anything we’ve done before it couldn’t help but be special.

This coming weekend is going to be different from all of those and very difficult. This year’s resolution was to DO THINGS. It’s easy when your loved ones are close to you, but The Husband is heading away this weekend, and whenever he goes I miss him more than words can say.

So this weekend I will be brave, I will stick to my resolution, and I will do things. I will keep happy and busy and not let it slip away just because I could end up disappointed with being a bit lonely. You never know I could end up enjoying myself a great deal-slathered in a face mask watching chick flicks!


bellaboo said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.I'm sure you will miss your hubby very much this weekend,I know I would if my OH was away.Keep busy,and pamper yourself,catch up with a friend or two maybe,and enjoy your chick flick! :0)

Pene said...

Hi Sheila , Please pop over to my blog as I have nominated you for an award.

Felicity said...

I know exactly how you feel , my hubby travels for work and I miss him too, we are trying too more is year also, xxxxx