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Saturday, 4 February 2012

These weekends Part One

I've decided to try and be good. I want to get out more and do more. I don't want to waste my time doing mundane tasks and boring old jobs. I want to get out and walk, visit and have adventures.

Yes, great big exciting adventures would be great, but who really can expect to (have the energy to) have them every single weekend?  Ever since reading The Wonderful Weekend Book i have always meant to do something over the weekend, and not just use it as an extension of the working week. 
Since giving up working over the weekend, i really can do all of the lovely things i have been meaning to.

From walking around my local town, where all of these pictures were taken) to spending time in the garden, or at the Farmers Market in The Big Town.

 I want to be able to say i did something, no matter how small, i want to know that i have many, many useful and fun weekends to look forward to in a year...I'm bored with using them as chore days, I'm going out!


Elizabethd said...

It is nice to have something a bit different to do at a weekend. It makes it a bit special!

Jane and Chris said...

Oh, you have summed up how I have been feeling. I want to leave chores, go out, see something different...feel as though I've had a change from constant chores.
This summer will be different.
Jane x