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Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Weekend

I blogged a wee while ago about a book I loved called The Wonderful Weekend Book. I still think its great and unlike fictional works, I read non-fiction more than once and keep their battered copies on the bookshelf. Over Christmas I read this one, starting and finishing in no particular place and going through the whole book.

Last year my resolution was to lose weight. I managed to lose four stone, but didn’t keep a track of it the way I wished I had. I guess when it comes to weight you either get to do a big post about how wonderful you’ve done… Or you end up having to do posts which feature beautiful descriptions of cakes, but you do have to add in that you haven’t lost what you hoped you would that week!

The up-side of my resolution last year was that its made me healthier. I was always one for long walks, but I ate so badly, now I have to admit that I'm quite proud of what I put into my body and I feel miles better because of it. There is still a little way to go, but the important thing is that I’ve got a good habit now.

That takes me nicely onto this years resolution. I haven’t blogged about it so far, but I have been doing it. This year I want to DO something in the weekend. Just like the Elspeth Thomson book I love so much. It should be easier for me to keep up blogging about it, and it makes me feel good when I achieve something, no matter how small, in the weekend. I need to catch up and start getting back into the bloggy swing, but I can’t wait to share our tiny little mini-advantures!

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

I will enjoy reading of your weekend adventures.

I am one who is always at battle with my weight. While not overweight, I could probably stand lose a few pounds. I have come to learn it is more about health than weight. Wishing you well on your quest. Bonnie