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Saturday, 28 January 2012

What makes me Happy

Sometimes when I get away from work early I rush home and get to see daylight.

When I leave for work it’s dark and cold.
And when I come home it’s dark and cold.
But sometimes, on very rare occasions I get home and its still daylight.
And on those very rare occasions that I do get home and if its still daylight I take Daisy out for a walk.
She always gets nice walks, but I do miss the evenings we had in Summer when it was still bright when I got home. So when it’s light enough to go for a longer wonder around the village we go off the beaten track and head over the golf course to the sea.
She runs around and I pad over the sand away in my own little world, day dreaming and planning, and letting my imagination flow where it will.
Daisy on the other hand runs like the wind, drags seaweed along with her, and snaps her little teeth at any shells coming into shore riding on the small waves.

1 comment:

Jane and Chris said...

Oh, I do miss the sea...thank you for the photos and lovely description of your seaside walks!
Jane x