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Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas no more

Goodbye tree and presents sitting underneath
you're not there anymore, you're not sitting proudly upon presents for the whole family 
i guess it'd be easier to keep you tidy now....but still, i do wish i could see be-ribboned things everywhere 
and those paper chains, i miss you paper chains 
and those twinkly lights (and good ol' re-runs on TV)  
every little corner, decorated in sparkly things 
and cards
until next year 
oh my tummy,  too much chocolate

The decorations are slowly coming down.  Our eating habits are becoming normal again.  The last of the relatives are heading back to their own homes.  No noises of little ones.  No bickering over the remote control.  It is beginning to get quieter.

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Laura said...

Aww it's so sad when the decorations come down? I didn't get to enjoy my Christmas decorations until December 22nd, as I was in the UK, so I have said that I'll keep them up a little bit longer... Although, my mum has told me they have to be down by the 6th!!! Happy New Year. Lx