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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

This is what we do

This is what we do...
when it gets too warm inside, when we wish to feel the crisp air on our noses.
when we want to go for a walk, when we want to see something other than the inside of the fridge.

when we want to feel healthier, when the dog starts to feel restless. 
when the sun is starting to give into twilight, when the warmth seems so far away. 
when we need to feel the harsh winds from the North Sea, when we want to see wildlife. 
when we need to feel small and the weight needs lifted from our shoulders. 
when we are tired from doing nothing,  
 when we need to get out of the house,
when we want another view of the village, 
another view of the things we always see and need,

We get the dog on a leash and taken 'em for a long, long walk.  We come back dirty, rosey in the nosey, happy, and very, very sleepy.


Jane and Chris said...

Hi Sheila, lovely to meet you! Hope you feel at home at my blog!
Thanks for an ever so peaceful post...now,I must stop dreaming about green grass and the sea...and get on with lunch.
Jane x

Gem said...

Oh my goodness I have just found your gorgeous blog, can't believe I have not come across it earlier. Thank you so much for joining in the swap :)x x x x

Mum said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog and thank you for sharing your walk. We've had to stay in today because of the rain.
Love from Mum

Pene said...

Hi Sheila I've just found you blog via Gem's swap and don't beleive it, you have a Daisy Dog too!! I am completely obsesed with my darling daisy, westies are just the best dogs in the world. Sorry that's me obsesing again, love you blog so have become a follower (not just to follow your daisy honest!)
x x