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Monday, 9 January 2012

Last of the Christmas Presents

This is the last of the Christmas presents.  TH gave me money to buy a Barbour in the January sales.  The jacket i liked best of all wasn't in the sales, but at least i watied it out.  I'm the sort of person that will inevitably buy it the day before it gets reduced by half!
I love my new jacket so much.  I go the olive one as the liberty print is the prettiest one, i think anyway.  With the jacket i got the choice of a free gift.  There were lots of options like lovely Barbour hats and scarf sets, but then i spied the thing i really wanted...a new little coat for Daisy Dog.  I think this is a bargain, although i wouldn't actually spend the £32 for the dog coat, i certainly thought it was fine to pick it as the free gift.  I'm going to have to take pics of her in her little new wax outfit.  I love the smell of Barbour's as my Uncle had a sports shop and i grew up in amongst that lovely waxy smell.  They are really good value too as i plan to send it away every so often to get fixed and altered.  Well, by that i certainly mean that MY jacket will be sent away for....not Daisy's!


Pene said...

If your daisy is like mine she'll love her new coat. There's something about the smell of barbour jackets they bring back memories from my past, some sad but mainly happy ones of my children and when I used to breed horses.

Florence and Mary said...

Fab new coat! I know what you mean about buying something and then it gets reduced the next day!

Victoria xx

Kitty M said...

Wow I love Daisy's new coat and yours as well!

I really like the Liberty print wax and like you said Barbour are great because you can send them off to get them rewaxed in the summer months.

I am sure our Alfie would love a Barbour coat too!

I must also thank you for my recent discovery of Cherry Menlove's blog! I spotted her on your links and am now seriously addicted :-)