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Saturday, 14 January 2012

There are still some things around..

Every where i pop my head in blogland there are some more Spring stories and pretty pastel flowers.  Up here in the North of Scotland its still a bit frosty and there is still sleet coming down on us every so often, we don't have any spring things yet or pretty pastel flowers.  We still have cold.  We still have wet, and inside of the house we've still got some decorations I've forgotten to take down....oops, bad luck.  So here they are now, not to be seen until the end of this year!
Lots of cook books, and a bit of home made decorations 
Darn flash!  I do love Paddington 
I love my cookbooks, very varied and good to read up and get lots of ideas from 
Even the cups got a little tinsel on them
This corner doesn't look too festive... 
oops, i spoke too soon! 
these lights are staying up, no matter what month it is, i love the light glow in the evening 
All the bags piled up on the sofa ready to go into the loft.  Poor rabbit, he cant see a thing! 
The tea shelf, just a wee bit of tinsel still hanging around.  I promise this week its all coming down, all the bits i thought id gotten earlier, I'll find and put up in the loft!


MelMel said...

Shame Christmas can't be all year!
Love your new Barbour.....wonderful gift!x

Jane and Chris said...

I'd quite happily have Christmas lights indoors all year!
Jane x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OOOOH...I see you like Westies TOO!!! And you enjoyed the little piglet on my post today? THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY!!!!!!!!! And I love Paddington.

ENJOY! Anita

Pene said...

Are you lights the sparkly ones that change colour? If so I have a set up in my hall and I'm with you they are NOT coming down. Lovely on a cold miserable morning to cheer you up.
Hugs Pene

Laura said...

I too decided to leave the lights up in the kitchen. At least until the dark evenings have gone. Lx