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Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Wonderful Weekend Book

The Wonderful Weekend Book by Elspeth Thompson is my new very, very favourite book.  I spoke about it a wee while ago here and haven't got bored of it yet.  One of the first things i do when i fall in love with a book is find out about the author, so, if you are like me have a look at her website here.  Sadly Elspeth died last year, but there are so many of her lovely pieces still floating all over the internet.  She wrote for a couple of different papers and i found some of her things there, but i still haven't got through all of the nice things on her own blogs and website, and they really are wonderful to read.  I was trying to copy the picture of Elspeth Thomson from her website, but have unfortunately only been able to copy her whole header-but have a look at the wonderful and inspirational website!
Now on to The Wonderful Weekend Book in which she talks about reclaiming lifes simple pleasures.  Every page is full of amazing ideas of free...or very close to it, activities which can cheer up one of those weekends where you know you should be doing something or other, but you just don't know what.  This appeals to me no end!  I dont DIY, i dont do things in the weekend which many people do, i dont go to the gym and i dont trawl around town looking at the same old shops (only one of the reasons i adore chairity shops), but i do want to 'do' something.  This book is the antidote!
A small part of the blurb states that the book "is about reclaiming the weekend to re-charge our batteries and relationships through enjoying the simple pleasures in life. A book packed with ideas to help restore the balance in our lives and reconnect us to the seasons."  Yes...thats it, thats exactly it.  This book has given The Husband and i many ideas, and it makes us very excited.  And thats what good books are.
Its full of ideas like gardening, open-air swimming, letter-writing, cooking with foraged food and celebrating the seasons, much more fun than the books claim that an average of six hours of each weekend day is taken up by food shopping, house and garden maintenance and other mundane tasks.
Please get a hold of this book, whether its through amazon or your local library (if its not on the catalogue you can probably talk to library staff and put in a request to buy form), so please get a hold of this book!


Sarah said...

I like to nap on the weekend if I have the chance!

Thanks for the review, it's a great idea for a book. I'm off to check my library catalogue...

Elizabethd said...

I havent heard of the book, but would love to read it. Maybe I'll have a look on amazon and see if I can find a used copy. It sounds full of good ideas.

Lindjemp said...

I have that book too and its lovely - havnt read it for a while so will dig it back out again - thanks for the reminder!

Bonnie said...

Sounds wonderful! I am not a person who has to be going all the time; sounds like something I would enjoy. Kind of an affirmation, maybe:) Hugs! Bonnie

Angela said...

Thanks for this review. I read an obit for Elspeth Thomson and thought then it would be worth checking out. Now you have reminded me, I shall check my library
Happy Weekend Blessings x

Anonymous said...

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