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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all those lovely ladies who have spent many a sleepless night worrying about their little ones.  The Mothers who have cooked, cleaned and done all of the other 'stuff' that must come with being a Mummy.
You area  wonderful bunch who do a darn hard job!
My own sweet Mum has left the country this morning and has jetted of to an island of sun for a year.  She has spoken about it for ages, and did it once before an awful long time ago.  She is quite ill, and the heat and lifestyle suits the best conditions for living with an illness like hers.
I will miss my Mum an awful lot, but i am so proud of her for taking such a giant leap and being so brave.  It is difficult emotionally and physically for her to do this, i hope that she feels an awful big shift in priorities once out there, and that not much of her time-any in fact-is taken up with accommodating the way she has to feel in this country with that particular dark cloud looming over her.
I love you Mum, you've taught me many things from the sublime-'accept it, or change it', to the ridiculous-'shoes are there to be bought'.  You've been brave so i don't have to be, and sheltered me from storms-metaphorically and literally.  I remember you attending plays and dance recitals, helping with homework, helping me cope with essays, and giving me a hug whenever it all became too much.
Mummy-you've made me who i am today and helped me like that person too.
I love you, have an amazing adventure and come back happier.
Your Daughter.

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