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Monday, 11 April 2011

Do you know those weeks..days...months?

Do you know those days, weeks or months where you literally do not even get one moment to yourself?  You can't even say that you've been wasting time online or watching TV, you go from chore to work to chore and back again.  Its been a little bit like that recently.  Utterly tiring, emotionally-from work getting more and more awful by the minute, my Mother leaving the country and my friend recovering in hospital.  Utterly tiring, physically-travel, work, tidy, clean, dust, tidy,work, make food, do chores...and try to squeeze in lots of time to visit my Mother and friend.  Ive also had lots of forms to fill in recently, and I'm not just talking about the census. 
 My lists of to-do's have been growing, and it can easily get on top of everything...like those teetering piles of laundry, there will come a point when it all crashes down.  Then it changed....not really properly changed, but i felt better, and that's how it changed.  A glittering good fairy did not do the laundry or cook any meals for me, but it was a lovely thing none the less.
The other day I'd got up at 5, went to work, got on bus, picked up things for friend in hospital and had went to do an exam for work.  From there I'd walked down to the hospital, but because of a mix up i couldn't stay the full length of time as they're very strict about how many people are at each bedside (i know it doesn't sound like I'm going to tell you something very stress busting but i am, hold on in there).  Id had time to spare and was on the outskirts of town-the pretty side of the outskirts where all the houses have giant bay windows blossom trees sprinkling confetti down on there lawns-and i was allowed to walk around.  All of a sudden i had three hours which were my own.  I could go into town, i could browse, walk through the park, do anything i pleased and it was amazing.
I decided i wanted to go to the University so made my way there, however i passed one of my favourite haunts....a second hand bookshop and knew i had to go in!  I picked up a couple of lovely books-which i will show off later, but i spent a good hour in there.  When it come to paying i was even invited to share a cuppa with the lovely assistant as she wanted to ask questions about one of my favourite subjects and something i picked up a book on.  From there i walked down the beautiful cobbles and sat on the grass right next to where The Husband and i got married and read one of my new books until The Husband came to pick me up.  It was so good to re-charge the batteries, it was so good to have a much needed moment to myself where i was forced to be out and about.  I think that if i had 'found' that moment when at home i would have watched TV or done something which really wouldn't have re-charged the batteries at all.

We were in such a good mood that we decided to head out for tea and although it seemed far from it in the begining, it was such a perfect day.  Theres a whole bunch of rubbish out there that you can easily get caught up in, but we had such a good day that its important to remember that you make your own family and ties that are important to you and wrap yourself in that.  As for all that bad-vibes and downright nasty-ness at work i think its on the way to being sorted as i just called in the 'big-guns'.  I do not get paid nearly enough to deal with bitter people-not the patrons, i love the patrons-so i've passed it up the ladder and i honeslty think it'll get sorted!

I hope you're all re-charging your batteries and making sure you've got plenty of YOU time!

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Bonnie said...

Sometimes you just have to take yourself out on a date. Hugs! (I hope this isn't posting twice)