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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What does one do when husband dearest is out of town?

Go shopping of course! I mean what does one do when he is in town anyway?!! The amount of ‘new’ books in the house is alarming, and I know that I have to start re-arranging the shelves again to fit everything in. While in the local library I saw a stall with some donated books for sale on it, all of the proceeds were going to organise children’s activities in the school holidays, so naturally I assumed everyone was a winner and strolled on over! What did I spy? Twilight Series..YAY! Now you can’t even say I'm only having something to do with it because of Edward Cullen, as it’s a book, so I can claim the high road…well, for now anyway. It’s a bit Mills and Boon-and I love it! So for the grand sum of £1.20 I got four paperbacks which look like they’ve only been read through once if that.

Then a little wander later I come across some more cute Winnie the Pooh books. It’s a little set of four as well, in a little hard cardboard case with four Pooh stories in it. I love some of the poems in them, E. H. Shepherd is an amazingly skilled and I fall in love with each and every one of the pictures again and again. I think people that can draw for children must be so, so on the ball to capture those little minds and keep them dreaming. Those drawings stay with you forever and ever, and when you are small they mark a time in your life as much as the books do. I have about five meters of children’s books and no children as yet, but as soon as we are blessed I hope that I can instill a massive sense of value in books for them. Its quite funny thinking about how much children’s books there are, as yes there is about five meters, and the cost…um, less than ten pounds!! So although I do miss TH, I defiantly think that I can get off with an awful lot more naughty spending when I don’t have to hide things when I walk through the door!

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Fun, relaxation, treats, peace - all of this and more! It is great to get the hubby out of the way sometimes!