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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Would you like to be my grown up?

Stress-it can rule some people’s lives, different people find different things stressful, but it can ruin everything if you let it take over. I AM STRESSED. Right now I’m having an awful horrible time at work, and it’s very hard to leave it at the end of the day. I wish that if there were to be job related stress it was in my other ‘just doing it to make the pennies’ job, but its not, its in the job I had hoped to spend the rest of my life in…the worst part of it all is that it’s a person that’s making me feel like this.
I am currently willing to try anything I can to feel better, so I will be all ears if anybody has ideas.
At the moment I'm doing the whole ‘think of something nice as soon as a bad thought pops in my head’, but I'm taking a whole lot of deep breathes over here! It’s really making me weigh out what I want from work and what I want in my life. I think the scales are overloaded at one end of the scale, and I know to change that I need to make some very grown up decisions. I need to be brave and I need to do what’s best for the family that The Husband and I have created with each other. It’s a very scary time right now, as I’ve always been a bit lucky and floated into a lot of nice options.

Who wants to be a grown up for me? Please?...um, hello out there!


Elizabethd said...

Sheila, I think you have had a lot to cope with recently, especially your mother being so ill, and not being near you to talk to.

It is so hard working with an unpleasant colleague and can make your day seem so long. Is there any other person there to whom you could talk about this?

Is it possible to speak with the person to sort things out?

I wonder how your husband feels about it. At the end of the day decisions must be worked out between the two of you.
Homemaking is obviously where you feel happiest, and maybe if you feel you have to give this job up you could work at something part time?

Bonnie said...

Sending you hugs!