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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

No more sandy shoes!

Oooh ive just been having a look at the wonderful Martha Stewart website (she was on an Oprah repeat and i couldnt help myself) and i saw the most fabulous ideas for outliving.  Living by the sea means that we go down to the beach every day, and so every day sand gets pulled back into the house and kicked all over the place.  The website states that you should set up a 'rinsing station' at your front door.  All you need is a teak bath mat which provides slip-free footing and good drainage. The steady stream from an ordinary watering can cleans every unwanted speck from your feet and flip-flops or waterproof garden shoes.

I'm off to get some supplies that will make this Summer much easier!...if summer comes after this misty Spring time!

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