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Wednesday, 4 August 2010


When I was little I grew up in a small fishing village about twelve miles from where The Husband and I now stay. It was good and exactly how I want my children to grow up. The village was so small that it was easy for me to go about and explore, I walked everywhere with my family and as we owned a yacht (which my Father built-we weren’t rich!) I was always busy and had stories to tell from the weekend.

Once I grew up a bit we moved closer to town. I was a teenager and loved the freedom which came from being able to walk into town anytime I wished. Everything was on my doorstep and I was able to get a job in a clothes shop in town which was lovely. Discount on fabulous clothes, and all my wages spent in my place of work pretty much ensured that we always made a bonus…which invariably was spent back in my workplace!! It was a great time and exactly what I needed at that time.

When I met The Husband, and he was just The Boyfriend I moved into his home. That is probably the oddest time for me. It was my first home of my own, but it wasn’t really- it was his… In that place I didn’t learn to cook and I barely cleaned up after myself….how embarrassing!

I was so glad when we moved to a lovely area in the suburbs; our teeny tiny little flat was perfect. I cooked and cleaned and made it my own. I was so happy and proud, I made an actual home. People visited, and although there wasn’t much space we always made sure people knew they were welcome. That became exactly what I needed. The Husband and I got married, we honeymooned and came back to that flat, it was a physical example of our commitment to each other-we had made a home which one day we hoped a child would move into.

Now we’ve moved into our new home. I now live quite close to my first home ever. I've come full circle and I love it. I know not to expect anything about little ones in this home-but that’s alright. There is now a spare room which is perfect for guests, we now have a home big enough to properly have people over to, and feel welcome in. It’s a wonderful feeling to be that prepared, something I’ve never had before. I know not to think that we’ll be here forever, it’s probably the last thing I say before I find the roof caves in knowing my luck recently, but I know to take things in my stride and start handing things over to ‘The Universe’. I really need to let go and go with the flow, so I am happy to learn that skill…slowly, in our new home.

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