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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Blanket goodness

Hello there, how has the Long Weekend been with you?  We've had such a fab time, I'm feeling very lucky!

Its just been rotten weather here, but really perfect for the HH household.  We had a bit of an Indian Summer, but it then turned back into dark, dank weather-um, pretty much the same as our Summer!!!  I love Autumn, Winter and all things snuggley!  So we've been fine and happy!  After visiting The Chocolate Bar with my friend Holly I knew I HAD to visit there with The Husband.  It is the most amazing shop in the whole of the North East!  There are so many chocolates wrapped up like teeny tiny jewels I can hardly count them.  Its run by three women, and you can always see there little ones running around!  The seats are super snuggley and cosy, and there are loads of windows to peak out at people from.  When The Mother in Law visited here this weekend we all ventured over to Ellon to have a good look around and eat too much!!  We had chilli hot chocolate and some cake-oh my goodness it was just too good for words!!  We sat up at the counter on the super sleek bar seats and stared at all of the gadgets behind the counter....oh and the extra sprinkles for our cocoa!

Afterwards we had a lovely walk around to see some china and some beautiful old books and then back to the car via a charity shop.  It was jam packed full of lovely things but most wonderfully of all-thick wool blankets!!  I was so super happy that I ran at the poor Husband and begged him to hand over the cash ASAP.

All I could think of when I saw them was of an old Cherry Menlove post from ages ago!!  I am so excited to get the blankets on a good wash and hang them out to dry...then I can decorate them and stick them up around the house!! 

I will post some pictures later, but Im off to check on Sunday Dinner!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh it doesn't get any better than snuggling with a warm blanket does it? However beautiful summer days are I always miss curling up with a hot water bottle and wrapping myself in a blanket!