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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Thrifty Christmas

Don’t get cross with me for mentioning the Christmas word right now, I'm not trying to antagonise anyone!!

As anyone who knows me already is aware, I adore Autumn and Winter more than any other seasons, yes sunny summers are great, but on a rainy day I’d much rather make a stew than pretend I want to eat strawberries and cream in the grey sun porch! With this in mind my aptly named friend Holly and I have been planning the galas and fairs we’re going to attend.

Although this is really great and a lovely thing to think of right now, this is the first Christmas The Husband and I are going to have with a relatively big family. Before now there were so many disagreements that we only ever had to buy things for a handful of people (excluding all of those little spare presents to be kept at the front door!). And now, with all of those hatchets well and truly buried, we have more than twenty people to buy for…a really big shock for someone from a teeny tiny family!

We have…ooops, I mean, I have been creating my lists again so that I can prepare this operation with military precision (When Hubby is ex-Army, why can’t he think more of my plans?). Its really not because I am an organised person, I really am the least organised Librarian in the world, I mean Dewey organised the worlds knowledge into 10 classes and I forget to defrost supper I if I need to iron something in the morning….anyway… Its mostly because seeing as money is tighter than normal at the moment I want to be able to take advantage of every little sale or bargain that I can, and being organised will help me do that.

Much too often I don’t leave enough time to shop on amazon for a great title and I have to go to the bookstore. I run around and grab anything, just so that someone can unwrap something…I really don’t want to, nor do I think I can afford, to put myself through that. So, while the evenings are still light I will be merrily cross stitching or sewing, I will be crafting as well as sneaking on to ebay for bargains galore and hopefully, when the nights are dark and the winds are wild I will be tucked up inside safe in the knowledge that Great Aunty Whatsit will have something to swig on Christmas Morning!!


Val said...

I've started work on Christmas presents too....never too early! Thus far I've finished half of a pair of pillowcases and am currently crochetting some placemats. Many, many projects to go, though!

Anonymous said...

It's never too early to start thinking about making Christmas presents, so long as the Christmas music isn't on just yet ;o) This year I really need to make as many gifts as possible but with the wedding in October taking up my crafting time right now I shall be very late starting them and just hope I'll manage to get sorted in time!

Sheila said...

You'll easily manage, ive started now because im so slow with these things, but hopefully it will give me more practice as i wish i was much better!
Hmm, not the music just yet-but as soon as December the first rolls round i will be blasting it out of the window!!!
x x x