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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Autumnal days off

Good morning, how are you today? Isn’t it well and truly Autumnal outside? Yesterday was so cold and blustery that while picking brambles Daisy Dog and I had to make a hasty retreat inside, lest we be swept over a cliff edge into the roaring sea! Needless to say not many brambles made it into the crumble!!

Today seems much sunnier outside, one of those, “oh it does LOOK nice, but don’t go outside or you will FREEZE” days! It is lovely and bright to have a peek through the window at though-which is a massive change from yesterday, I had to go about lighting candles at mid day. I have been wrapping myself up in eiderdowns, bedspreads and duvets as the house is starting to get cold in the morning and fearing that its going to be another winter like last, in a much bigger house, I feel like id like to keep the heating off for as long as possible. The husband cares much less than I do, which is odd as I get cold so easily, I'm sure I was always destined to live in Kefalonia.
So being inside on a very rare day off I gave myself leave to do exactly what I like. This morning to far ive sat in bed rereading Pride and Prejudice as I thought I needed some romantic motivation in my life, I've also listened to my beloved BBC Radio 3, and done a little bit of online shopping. If the day ended now I would happily say it was a great one!

Its all part of my ‘Getting Ready for Christmas-little and often’ buying plan-so its not really like treating myself, well except for the one teeny tiny book I bought myself.  I had reserved Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer at the local library, but the copy had went missing before I could actually get it, and so seeing as it would be much too awkward to go and collect it from another district, I decided to treat myself.  I got it from the Hawkins Toyshop and so it was only £8, and as I needed to get a couple of cute little stocking fillers for my nephews and niece I thought it would be a great opportunity to really do the whole ‘little and often’ thing!  I have bought two as I know someone who would love it too, following on from my last post I could start my own Great British Bake Off with my friend!  I also got these super adorable paper chains, which I thought I could mix in with some especially Christmas ones, which are a bit more expensive, to make them go a bit longer.  I know it will look great on the Welsh Dresser we’ll be getting next month.
Now I'm off to the Post Office to get some vegtables so that I can make some life restoring soup, and properly snuggle down for the rest of the day!

Bye for now,

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