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Monday, 27 September 2010

The lists start here…

Over the weekend we met up with my aunt and uncle who will be hosting Christmas this year (well, really like every other year-it just so happens it’s now our tradition too), and started talking about what things we’ve bought or made so far for the big day. Aunty has just had a great big bonus of £200 worth of M&S vouchers which she is going to be using for Christmas Dinner. So I really need to get my thinking cap on and start to mind map what I could possibly offer to bring. I just know that if I don’t suggest something she will claim that she wants for nothing and I am sure there is always something that can be done to make the day easier and more enjoyable for her (even if she is an effortlessly perfect hostess).

This, in turn, got me thinking about what I would like for Christmas. It always goes:

“Sheila, what are you wanting for Christmas?”
“Um, em…well….i cant really think, anything will do”

When in fact, although anything will do, its always nice to actually get the thing you’ve had your eye on for a while. Its not even like I wish for particularly large things. So while although I'm thinking about what I can bring and do for Christmas dinner, ive also got my ‘Dear Santa, may I please have..’ hat on for myself….here are a few things I'm thinking of..


Laura said...

Thanks for the comment... immediately came over and have just been sucked into your blog... cue tantruming children, climbing over me with sticky marmite fingers... anyhoo... I'm you're newest follower.. you had me with the Cath Kidston eiderdown and then I fell in love with the paper chains... I think I'm going to get my craft hat on and attempt to make some! Nice meeting you! Lx

Sheila said...

Oh thank you. That is very kind! I dont know how much of my list i will get though!!!

Morellocherry said...

oh my goodness i really love everything on this page! lol haha! and A NARNIA COOKBOOK?! YES PLEASE! lol
Anyway, thank you for leaving the lovely comment on my blog.
i think ill settle down tonight and have a nosey through your posts ;P :)
i also have a soft spot for your name. (It was my grandma's name and she was very glamorous and very into homemaking too! :O))