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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Dumb days and saintly sheds!

Don’t you just adore this time of year? It makes it so easy to use up left-over’s and call them some other culinary masterpiece! (masterpiece is maybe too strong a word!!) I just feel like in summer you can’t throw everything into a slow cooker with some raw veg and loads of gravy and then come home to an actual meal. Everything is fresh in summer, which is great-because you eat so late in the day and the sun is still shining, but I love Autumn and Winter because they positively call for left over’s and therefore thrift (which is the watchword now-a-days)!

We’ve been eating out of the slow cooker loads what with the horrible rain and dark clouds that have been following me about The Shire! But it’s ok, as the sun did peep out for a little while yesterday. I think its so magical when its cold but bright, we had so many little ones come into the library today with their gloves on and their little rosy cheeks and noses! It was too adorable for words!

Yesterday I did probably the most ‘blonde’ thing I’ve done in a while, went out with The Husband to work, made my own way home and forgot I never brought my keys with me…D’oh! For some reason I believed I could ‘break into’ my own home and climb in through the window I always leave ajar, however when I got home I promptly figured that I wasn’t going to be able to click the window off the hatch with my credit card and had to find something to do for two and a half hours!

So although I may not be able to run off with the Pink Panther Diamond any time soon, I feel very happy that I have finally ticked one thing off the Autumn Things To Do List and got the shed cleaned out. Everything was thrown out of the thing (which still had paint/china/dirty towels in there from its previous owner), but it was tidied and cleaned up in no time at all really. I got the fire pit set up for getting rid of the unwanted stuff and also a cosy night outside with The Husband (who thinks I’m the number one ditz around), but alas, it started to get dark as we headed inside.

I got some bulbs planted in the containers that have been sitting empty for much too long with some compost I found hidden in the back of the shed too. I still need to tidy up the garden a bit and will probably continue to do so for a while now as we’re lucky enough to have three quite big trees, but the shed looks quite empty and so can take the bikes for over winter.

I’m so happy that I managed to get outside, and I guess it was possibly a blessing in disguise that I did as dumb a thing as I did, or else I would maybe have put cleaning up out of doors until it was much too late. I am becoming increasingly addicted to sewing up some Christmas decorations I read about in The Christmas Book…I’ll be posting about that once I can finally show off a finished one though!

For now I hope that you’ve been able to keep on top of your own Autumn Chores Lists!



The Cloth Shed said...

I know what you mean about one pot cooking at this time of year...it is comfort food at its best.....
Julie x

Pink Poppy said...

I`ve just come across your blog following a comment you kindly left on mine. Sheila, I love your blog! Your Christmas wish list looks just like mine... I need the pink mixing bowl!

Debbie said...

I too been having yummy comforting food!
My lovely neighbour last week, gave me some Irish stew... which I never had before...
It was so nice!
A proper Winter warmer!


P.S- Daisy the dog... She`s a cutie!