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Monday, 18 October 2010

Thank you!

Thank you so much Mary Poppins....I am the very lucky winner of some delicious Dorset Cereal bars...yummy!!  I know that I will be doing exactly as it says on the tin (website) and having a good old nibble on the move, and even more perfect for elevenses, foursies or any other time of the day.
They would have been perfect for the walk Daisy Dog and I had to Slains Castle...very Halloweeny!  O.k., not so much on this outing, it was a perfect Autumnal day and defintly got me well and truely out of the funk I'd been in. 
We walked all the way from the cottage on one side of the village, over to the other side, up a hill, through a farm, past the cliffs and right into the middle of an old destroyed castle..stopping of to slip-slide our way down a super steep hill to drop muddy paws and feet in the cool North Sea!
I will go into much more detail tomorrow, but I need to be up bright and early tomorrow to make sure I have everything together for Rhyme Time antics at the library.


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bellaboo said...

Ooh,Bella and I would have loved to join you on your walk! You do live in a beautiful part of the world.Another Downton fan I see...it's the best thing on TV at the moment. :o)