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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Outbound swap parcel

This is the swap parcel to Dawn, ive taken much too long to even post this, but i have been quite busy of late...blah...blah..blah...well it is on my last post and its so down and dreary i dont want to go over such bad news again!!

I knew that Dawn loved chocolate, and seeing as im totally in love with chilli hot chocolate right now i thought it would be perfectly fine to give some fiery chocs to warm Dawn up after being out in the cold!  I put it in a basket as i love these, and they always so seem to be quite handy!

Some cookie cutters in the basket...

A cookbook full of warming dishes, maple fudge and tablet....and some little hanging hearts...none of which was made by me!!

Then some candles and ribbon...

wrapped up rosey and red...

and a little card on top!

I got such a lovely email from Dawn to say thank you...i will post my lovely parcel tomorrow, i was so lucky to have Dawn as a partner and cant wait to join in with some more swaps in the future!!

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