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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I love Autumn because....

I love Autumn because............
Just when you thought that you had to pack up the summer garden things, you get to keep them out for all those super clear, cold, fresh days.  The fire pit gets lit again, the furniture pulled out, and you remember s’mores.   You find pleasure in collecting conkers, kicking leaves, and lighting lamps.

All the beautiful blankets you collected throughout the year get pulled out of the cupboards and littered around chairs, cosy, snuggley corners and beds.  Popcorn feels a million times more appropriate and pancakes and sausages are the order of the day!  (well, for the weekend at least)

The whirley gig should be taken down, but there always seems like there is more to do inside.  I wont be getting to dry my clothes outside for a long time now.  I will be pulling out the clothes horse from now on!
Everything seems prettier in the soft light.

And you just know all the other houses and the families that care for them are doing the same thing.

It's the middle of the week people, we're making slowly to the weekend...I can not wait!  More Haddo adventures and a long walk around the gift shop for some presents I ear marked for people.



Laura said...

Awww you're street looks lovely... I love seeing shots from the UK... I still get the UK Country Living, but I'm about a month behind here... I waiting on the October issue!! Have a good day. Lx

PaperFish! said...

CL - love my subscription. I ran out and bought Tweed the next day!!

bellaboo said...

I'm so glad you popped in on my blog because I am now able to see yours! Love your 'Autumny' post...but especially your Daisy dog! :o)

Jackie said...

Hi Sheila
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and joining my giveaway. It's lovely to meet you, and I look forward to reading through your blog x