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Monday, 18 October 2010

Light at the end of the weekend

Ooooh, this is heaven, not only am I sitting listening to an ipod full of Tori Amos, The Beatles, Florence and the Machine, Jamie Cullum, and The Smiths, but I am still off today after an absolutely fab weekend. This is just what I needed.

Last week I was on a permanent downer for some reason. I didn’t get why and just wanted the mood to go away. Then I got it, I think it came to me on Sunday while washing my face…I was so melancholic and down because the little Nephew was away.

The first weekend he came up once we came back to the quiet empty house I burst into tears. When I dropped him off last Monday I never did, I just walked back from his house, across town and went home…I never got sad…so it just followed me the whole week. A great big cloud of gloom for a whole week, as opposed to just getting the sadness out of me in one big burst! Once I figured it out I cheered right up…so many sleepless nights, so many days mooching around, and that was all it was. Its so funny that I was trying to find ‘answers’ when all along I should have just sat down and figured out when it started! I'm so glad that’s over.

On Sunday I was up really, really late because I hadn’t got to sleep until really quite late on Saturday (see gloom). Once I washed my face (see happiness of finding reasoning of gloom), I practically skipped through to the living room to find that The Husband had planned a day out with my Aunt and Uncle at Haddo House.

We nipped over there after a full English breakfast and I was able to let my Uncle see ‘Cherry cake and Ginger beer’ as he wanted to make some things and impress my Aunt, as she grew up with only Enid Blyton books and although he has never read a single one he thought that if he could say a little about them he would be the hero of the hour, how sweet!

After a high tea, we walked around the whole grounds, and then back to my Aunt and Uncles for a take away, chicken and noodles, salty and gorgeous.

That was exactly what was needed

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