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Thursday, 28 October 2010

And what do we come home to?

Oh dear, I went AWOL didn’t I?

I've just finished off listening to Women’s Hour as Kirstie Allsopp was on, I can’t wait until Tuesday when her new series of Homemade Home premiers!! I love her so much, and as soon as I found out she was on the Christmassy issue of Good Housekeeping last year I launched myself across the W. H. Smith to reach it! I was supposed to be keeping it for the journey down to Edinburgh by train to see my cousin, but by the time I’d got to Stonehaven (not very far away at all) it had been all but read.

The Husband and I got back from our weekend to find that my poor Grama is in hospital after a fall in town. So I have been very busy trotting back and forth to hospital to visit. She seems to be in good spirits and very much like herself albeit with a broken arm and very bruised. Hopefully the operation will be on Friday and then she can come home on Saturday. Unfortunately they have already told her twice that the operation will be on certain days, meaning that she has had to fast…and then its all been for no good reason at all, as its been postponed. I'm sure they’re doing the best they can…but I’d be much happier if my Grama could go home (she lives with my Mum) and get looked after…sitting eating walnut whips and watching star trek. Nowhere is as comfortable as your own bed and your own home.

So because of all of this busyness I haven’t even properly thanked Dawn for her lovely Swap Parcel. It really was so super fab, and I am going to do a great big post on all of the lovely and delicious things that were sent to me, but I really wanted to post about my Grama first. It also explains why I haven’t really been too up to date with reading other blogs or seeing what everyone is up to!! So I hope I can be forgiven for being so exceptionally bad mannered.

I hope everyone is well and has had nothing but good news, golden leaves to kick through, matching knitted mittens, scarves and hats, warm stews and rosy cheeks.


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Bonnie said...

Sending good wishes out for your Gram's speedy recovery! Chili chocolate sounds absolutely yummy!