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Monday, 18 October 2010

I love....Downton Abbey

I love.......... Downton Abbey.

Currently catching up with all past episodes of this amazing period drama-I can't believe I nearly missed it!  Pot of tea, Daisy Dog fresh from a bath and blow dry beside me, and a chocolate flake.  Can't see better than that.
Do what makes you happy this Monday!


Mary Poppins said...

I love Downton Abbey too :0) I love your pretty blog and am very happy to say you are the winner iof my Dorset Cereals giveaway :0) * whoop* *whoop*. If you email me via my blog with your address I shall forward onto Dorset cerals and they shall send your parcel out to you. Well done xx

Jackie said...

Hi Sheila

Have just found your blog - am looking forward to reading thru. I too, love Downton Abbey - and am hooked! xx

Debbie said...

Even my hubby is into Downtown Abbey!Lol
I`ve been recording every episode... So I can watch it twice!
I can`t wait for the next episode!


Liz said...

I couldn't believe it when it wasn't picked up by STV. I have to watch via Sky on ITV London. It's fabulous and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it again and again. I love period dramas. Much to hubby's disgust!!