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Friday, 29 October 2010

Christmas reading

Yay, only one day left of the working week and then the long (erm, ok then-2 days) stretch ahead of me that is the weekend!  I don't think we have any proper plans as yet.  The Husband did make noises about going for a walk up to Slains the way that Daisy Dog and I trek, so we may do that on Sunday.  Other than that I desperately need to get a shop in but haven't done a thing about it, and now i feel that it may be too late seeing as its pay weekend (and with regard to wages coming in, its getting much too close to Christmas too).

We've had a real bonus of a month though, so for that am very grateful.  My tax (which I'd been fighting and moaning about for a whole year) has come in!! Yay!! And its more than i expected it to be...BONUS!! I know it was my money all along, but its been a year since the start of it so it was almost........almost forgotten about!
I think this is what will keep me entertained over the weekend, lots of plotting to do, and a massive catch up on all the old Christmas mags that i hoard away...oh and some treats too, well the trick or treaters can't have it all their own way!

Oooh too yummy....much too yummy!!

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Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo those magazines look super, shall have to keep my eyes out ;0) Thank you for your lovely comment, we have had stresses but always seem to get throught them, hopefully all the stronger for them. I would be lost at sea without him.