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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Autumn in the country

Rolling fields and mellow sunlight.  Clear sky and flocking geese.  Autumn is about renewal to me. 
I know that Spring should be that time, but Autumn always seems to bring something new to me.  Its the start of the academic year and i guess I've been institutionalised, but that's not all.  All the animals are busy, they are making ready for Winter and getting their homes cosy.  I'm busy doing the same thing here. 
The big blankets, throws and cushions are all coming out.  Wellies are constantly at the front door, as well as the dogs towel.  The changes in the home are being echoed through-out.  I have got a new job...very exciting!
The environment was previously working in wasn't really any good, so i have finally packed in the part time jobs, in the library and in the shop, and got myself a full time position in a school office.  It means that for the first time in ages I've got weekends to myself...and you know what weekends are going to be packed with shortly?  Christmas Fairs!  Yeah, i think I'm finally heading in the right direction and i couldn't be happier!

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